President: Loren Berry

·Animal Care Staff - Hoofstock

·Started at Denver Zoo: 2011 as a full time keeper, Intern from 2001-2004

·Years in AAZK: 3 with RMAAZK, 11 with National AAZK

·Previous Zoo: The Maryland Zoo from 2007-2011, Abilene Zoo from 2004-2007

·Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: "The first time that we were able to obtain a voluntary blood sample from our 5 year old female Okapi, "Kalispell".  After just two months training the behavior, we were able to get a voluntary sample from her jugular vein.  It is an amazing accomplishment and am so thrilled to work with "Kalispell" and our amazing animal care team to reach these amazing milestones in animal training!"

·Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Comedy Night & National Zoo Keeper Week


Vice President: Thea Etchells

·Animal Care Staff - Birds

·Started at Denver Zoo: June 2016

·Years in AAZK: 2 years with RMAAZK, 12 years total as an AAZK member

·Previous Zoo: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (2006-2016)

·Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: : I have so many favorite moments in my career so far but I think just being able to share experiences and stories with guests about animals I have worked with. One of the best defining moments for me are when I get to chat with a guest (who may have a fear or just doesn't like a specific animal i.e. a bird or snake) after a discussion about their cool adaptations and the important role they play in their environment, that guest can leave with a new appreciation for that animal.

·Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Comedy Night


Treasurer: Disa Skaff

Animal Care Staff - Night Keeper

·Started at Denver Zoo: June 2016

·Years with AAZK: 2 with RMAAZK, 4 with National AAZK

·Previous Zoo: Happy Hollow Park & Zoo 2014-2016, America’s Teaching Zoo 2011-2013

·Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: I’m struggling to think of just one moment, but one consistent thing I love is sharing about my job. Zoo keepers get to do and are doing so many cool things, and everyone should hear about it!

·Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Comedy Night & the Holiday Bazaar


Secretary: Kelsey Barker

·Animal Care Staff - Predators

·Started at Denver Zoo: 2015 as a full time keeper, previous intern

·Years with AAZK: 2 with RMAAZK                           

·Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: My favorite zoo keeping moment was training my first behavior: tapir voluntary blood draw. Being able to gain Benny the tapir’s trust over a few months and finally being able to obtain a blood sample from him voluntarily was awesome! It is awesome to work so closely with an animal, gain their trust and build their confidence, and be able to train a behavior that advances their husbandry! 

·Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Comedy Night


Aquarium Liaison: Bri Cooper

Animal Care- Trainer III

·Started at Downtown Aquarium: October 2011

·Years with AAZK: 2

·Previous Zoo: Just the Aquarium! But I did learn how to do field research in Costa Rica before I started in the field chasing howler monkeys and capuchins.

·Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: Holding a baby binturong for the first time. That little tail wrapped around my neck and it was a moment I will remember forever!

·Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Painting for polar bears


Denver Zoo Liaison: An Nguyen

Animal Care Staff– Predators

Started at Denver Zoo: 2016

Years with AAZK: At the zoo, since 2016.

Previous Zoo: Downtown Aquarium Denver in Denver, CO and before that Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR

Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: My favorite zoo keeping moment is when I was starting out as a volunteer, I was filling up a water trough for a deer yard, the smallest and youngest deer came up to see what I was doing. The deer started to drink water out of the hose. That moment, I knew I wanted to be a zoo keeper.

Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Anything at the breweries


Social Media Chair: Anton Morrison

Animal Care Staff: Birds

Started at Denver Zoo: 2012

Years with AAZK: 7 years on and off

Previous Zoo: Downtown Aquarium-Denver

Favorite Zoo Keeping Moment: Hand-rearing a Eurasian eagle-owl chick and helping to hand-rear clouded leopard cubs!

Favorite RMAAZK Event/Fundraiser: Comedy Night