Annual Events and Fundraisers

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Bowling For Rhinos

The AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Program (BFR) connects dedicated individuals with conservation organizations working directly with rhino and their habitats. We provide an avenue for raising funds and awareness to support in-situ programs focused on education, protection, population management, and habitat conservation.


Trees For You And Me

Every year our chapter holds a fundraiser to support AAZK’s Trees For You And Me program. This program educates individuals about climate issues, encourages fundraising by AAZK Chapters, and supplies a forest based carbon-offset grant to qualified entities in an effort to help polar bears and the loss of their sea ice habitat.


Comedy Night

Comedy Night originated as a twist on the traditional AAZK “Bowling for Rhinos” event that supports in-situ rhino conservation. The first ever Comedy Night featured Colorado native veterinarian and comedian Kevin Fitzgerald and raised $14,000!  As the years have passed, and our success has grown, Comedy Night now benefits a variety of projects including Denver Zoological Foundation field conservation programs, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Kea Conservation Trust, The Prusten Project, Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, Sea Turtle Survival Alliance, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, and Katie Adamson Conservation Fund. Since 2000, this event has raised over $100,000 for conservation and zookeeper professional development. Comedy Night has become RMAAZK's largest fundraiser and we are extremely grateful to everyone who supports this event year after year! 

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National Zoo Keeper Week

National Zoo Keeper Week focuses on the need to protect and preserve our wildlife and vanishing habitats via conservation messages created by their institutions. The animal keepers role as educators and wildlife ambassadors has become essential. During the third week of July each year, celebrate National Zoo Keeper Week; both keepers and animals deserve professional recognition.


Holiday Bazaar

Get your holiday shopping done while supporting local small businesses AND conservation.