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Recycling For Rhinos 2019

Rocky Mountain AAZK is supporting AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos program a little differently this year!

We want your junk!

This year for our Bowling for Rhinos fundraiser, we want to recycle instead.  

On Endangered Species Day (Friday, May 17th) we'll be collecting donations of gently used clothes, toys, and household items aswell as old phones and other small electronics at Downtown Aquarium Denver.  

When you dive into your spring cleaning (maybe after watching Tidying Up), save everything you'd be donating to a thrift store, and give it to us instead.  When we turn in these donations to ARC Thrift Store, they will give RMAAZK $1 for every box collected, which will in turn go to protecting rhino habitat in Kenya, Java, and Sumatra.  EcoCell will refurbish or repurpose the old cell phones, iPods, and other small electronics reducing the demand of coltan and helping the rhinos as well!  So take the next couple of weeks to set aside those items that don't spark joy, encourage your friends and family to do the same.  KonMarie for Conservation with RMAAZK's Recycle for Rhinos!

When: Friday, May 17th from 10am-9pm

Where: Downtown Aquarium Denver, look for the Recycle for Rhinos tent

What: Collecting donations of gently used clothes, toys, books, shoes, household items for ARC Thrift Store.  Donations need to be in a BOX for us to get credit for it, copy paper-sized box is the reference, but they'll accept other sizes.

 Can't make it that day?  ARC donations can be dropped off at the Leetsdale Donation Station (560 S. Holly St. #5, Denver, CO 80246) from May 10th to May 26th.  Just tell them you are part of the American Association of Zoo Keepers Rocky Moutain Chapter fundraiser.  EcoCell donations can be dropped off at the Denver Zoo Boettcher Welcome Center any day.

100% of the money raised from these events held by chapters all over the country goes to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, International Rhino Foundation, Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, and the Bowling for Rhinos Conservation Resource Grant.  Since 1990, BFR has raised over $7.7 million for the conservation of rhinos and their habitat! 

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The AAZK Bowling for Rhinos Program (BFR) connects dedicated individuals with conservation organizations working directly with rhino and their habitats. We provide an avenue for raising funds and awareness to support in-situ programs focused on education, protection, population management, and habitat conservation.

Unable to attend the event, but still want to support bowling for rhinos? You can still support RMAAZK Bowling for Rhinos by donating here!  Be sure to specify at checkout that you are donating to BFR.

To learn more about the conservation efforts BFR supports click here.